Day 1 – Reno

Started out today doing the last minute packing.
Prepared everything, said goodbye to parents, and off to meet Erin. We arranged to see each other during her break at 10.
Got there and waited. Waited. Waited. Break ended. Went to see if I could find out what classroom she was in but the office lady said I couldn’t, but I remembered I had the info on my computer cause of one of our recent conversations (glad I asked) and went to her classroom. Stood outside for a while, (don’t know why I didn’t knock right then and check…). Found out she wasn’t there. AH. Then she must be at home.
So raced over to her house and rang the doorbell two times and called her. YES. She WAS there!!! (She wasn’t feeling great so her parents let her sleep in). So glad I didn’t give up, because I was also 1 hour late for meeting Sean.

The goodbye before felt real, but this one felt more real. I choked up a bit and almost cried but didn’t. ::sigh:: It was hard. In all our relationship, I think that was the hardest thing to do.

She burned me two CD mixes. Which I listened to on my way to Sean’s (which I got a bit confused in the directions but eventually made it there.
We loaded up the van. Sean’s parents came home and said goodbye. And then off we went.

680 N -> 80 E -> Reno
Along the way we saw several things such as Milf Porn, boards sticking out car windows that could have hit dogs hanging their heads out other windows, distractions, girl(?) in a small original mini-cooper, etc. Had to stop for gas, and the price was INSANE. 2.50 something. WTF?

Got to Reno. Went to the Motel 6 first, and got the room (the guy who helped us was totally clueless and had to keep on asking the other woman there for help). Then we set off to explore the city. Parked in some random parking lot that I don’t think we were supposed to park at.

Walked through a park. Saw some punks that looked like they were up to no good. But we continued into town. We passed casinos, and more casinos, and more casinos. We grew hungrier, and hungrier, and more hungrier.

FINALLY saved by this burger stand that was near a concert that was going to happen in a few hours, and we got burgers (the cash register didn’t work so we got them for 6 dollars instead of 8). Sat around and then walked around. Saw plenty of white trash. Plenty. A plethora of white trash. Abundance. Shit-tonne (thats metric for shit-load!).

Walked around. “I wonder if we can find pennies here…” I said.

Passed by a Subway (sandwich), and of course there are slot machines right inside the Subway. Then went into a liquor store and got Weinhard’s Root Beer, the best root beer ever (Sean’s first time trying it). Still the concert hadn’t started so we walked around more.

And more.

And more. There was this huge clown that was very scary and looked a bit like Bose. And we got drinks at the Dairy Queen. And a con-artist got 1$ off of us.

AND HELLA PIMP BATMOBILE!!! An actual car that looked like the original TV series car. It was awesome, and of course we got pictures.

Finally the concert was starting, and basically it sucked. “Blue Oyster Cult”. Early 90s kind of rock, with a lot and a lot of drunk white trash singing along.

Not seen: Anyone under 21.

– Quotes:

(we pass the mini-cooper person)
B “Was that a guy?”
S “No, that was a girl.”
B “…I want to have sex with her!”

B “I wonder if we can find pennies here…”

S “We’re the luckiest people here, and you know why? We’re getting the fuck out of here tomorrow!”

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