Day 4 – Denver

– Walked in the small suburb city
Got up in the morning and walked around a small suburb in the middle of Boston next to Paula and Harvey’s place. We witnessed MANY, MANY Starbucks. But got some food at this other coffee place.

When we came back, the door was locked. We tried to go around to the garage but that was closed too. We didn’t really know how to get in and my phone wasn’t working too well. I doodled a small chalk drawing on the garage patio.

– Drove around trying to find T-place
Since we had our keys, we decided to head out and find this car repair shop. We guessed that the car had actually just overheated and was having problems with the Utah desert environment, but we wanted to get it checked out so it wouldn’t break down on us anymore. But we didn’t really know where the fix-it shop was besides that the city it was in started with a T and it was in a northern part of Denver. So we drove around trying to find this T place

– Drove around a hell of a lot and got lost
We ended up getting completely lost and not really sure where we were going. Recently I had read that some maniac had driven a tractor into some buildings in a city nearby, but we decided not to go check it out. So we drove back to the house.

– got directions
This time Paula was there so she opened the door for us (heh, woops), and we got the real directions to the car repair shop. I think I called them and found they didn’t have any time to work on the car but if we brought it in the next morning they could finish it by the afternoon or something.

– Went to downtown Denver
So assuming the car was ok enough to drive to downtown Denver, we went to downtown Denver.

– traveled the 16th street mall
– chinese food and sandwich
– got CDs – ac/dc and dropkick murphies
– starbucks everywhere and my evil plan to order water from starbucks
We walked around and found a place called the 16th street mall, which was this long strip of road which had stores on either side. We decided to walk all the way down it, so we did. We stopped for lunch, and I got chinese food while Sean got a sandwich. We stopped in a CD store to get an AC/DC album and Dropkick Murphies. Walked down to the end of the mall place and took a trolley back. And then walking back I was thirsty so we stopped in a Starbucks, and thats where I came up with my evil idea to REBEL AGAINST STARBUCKS BY ORDERING FREE WATER EVERY TIME!!!! That way, I get free water and they lose a cup that they paid a small fee for!!! muahahaha, I win, they’re punked. Ha. Anyhow. I like them because they give me free water and ask if I want it with or without ice.

– dinner with paula and harvey
– talked about plans and etc
– told a girl she was pretty on my way out
Then we got back from exploring Denver and Harvey and Paula invited us to dinner at a nearby good restaurant within walking distance. Went there and had a nice conversation about our plans and such over a nice dinner. There was this cute girl sitting in a booth diagonal to us and I acted like a dork and on my way out I told her she was cute. I’m not sure she heard me though. Ha. Talked to some people Harvey knew on our way back.

– and fooled around at the house before knocking out
And fooled around at the house before sleeping. Did stuff on my computer, and played a lot of pool. I think Sean read or went to sleep.

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