Day 8 – Chicago

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-8-11 ——

In the morning we went to the local suburb to get some coffee and bagels to eat, and then got two two-way tickets for the train. Took the train into the downtown area and I believe we were a little lost. Walked a couple blocks one direction, and then another few blocks another direction. We arrived at the park by the shore of the lake and hung out there a bit. The weather wasn’t very incredible, but there was a nice fountain, a weird statue that had water spraying at it like some weird water sports fetish, and some geese and fish that we watched. Got some hot dogs and sat on the side of the lake. Then we got up and walked towards the downtown, and noticed there was a blues festival happening. And actually it some some large blues festival, although it hadn’t really started going yet.

Made our way to the Sears Tower (I believe the name has changed since) and bought tickets to go up the tower. Of course since the weather was horrible, there wasn’t anything to see, just a whole bunch of clouds and occasionally the tops of some other towers. We lounged around up there trying to make the most of it before heading back down and returned to the blues festival to hang out some more.

We sat at the edge of the lake some more throwing ice into the water, which attracted ducks and fish, and after a while we got up to secure a good place on the lawn at the blues festival. Waited there a while, and they finally started, but the blues being played were not so impressive and felt very generic.

After we got tired we went back, finally found the train station. I refused to give money to some homeless man, and then he called me racist, which really aggravated me a lot. And I couldn’t find my return ticket on the way back so I had to buy another one.

Anyhow, back at the house Sean and I went on a walk around the neighborhood. It was a nice, very American style suburb area, one you would expect home made pies sitting on window sills (but who does that anyway? anyone?)

We were walking around when something attracted my attention. I caught a flash of something or other from the corner of my eye. I asked Sean if he had seen it and he hadn’t, so at first I thought I was going crazy. And then saw it again. And then upon paying more careful attention, I discovered they were fireflies everywhere! This was my first time ever seeing fireflies, so of course I wanted to watch them more.

It says in my outline that we “made eggs” but I don’t remember that at all. I do remember playing with Bob’s two shelties, which were adorable dogs.

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