Day 10 – Detroit

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-8-14 ——

We got up quite late and Jimmy made eggs for us. Then we drove downtown with him, and he showed us around. It seemed like an urban wasteland, with lots of trash and decrepit buildings. We went to the waterside where people walked there dogs and we strolled for a while. Saw some dead fish in the water, which did not improve our impression of the city. There was a few odd statues, one of a fist, a big ring thing, a black cylinder, and another of the Spirit of Detroit wearing a Piston’s jersey. Saw the giant GM buildings – which looked actually pretty cool – and walked into the Hard Rock Cafe, but didn’t really do anything there.

We went to a car show that I believe we just stumbled upon. Since Sean was a huge car nut, he loved it, and I just enjoyed seeing all the old styles.

Got some P.F.Changs and after that went back to Jimmy’s apartment. I guess he went out to see a Lakers game, and we relaxed. I did my laundry and read some of Mona Lisa Overdrive in the laundry room, while Sean finished 1984 in the room. Eventually we went to bed, while Jimmy came back early in the morning.

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