Day 11 – Detroit

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-8-22 ——

Jimmy left in the morning for work, and Sean did his laundry while I slept in. Eventually got up and had some cereal for breakfast. I don’t remember the order of events as they were listed in the trip outline, but apparently we watched Terminator III afterwards, which was a really crappy movie. We came up with this conspiracy that Shwarzenegger had actually taken most of the movie’s budget, and instead of investing it into making a great movie with actually good special effects, he used it as his campaign financing. Wouldn’t surprise me if that were true.

Then we went to the Ford Museum to look at some cool cars. Walked around and got some car crackers and postcards. Then left.

We went to a book store to pick up some reading material for the trip. I picked up a book on Rumi poems (to this day I haven’t read it) and a book of Aesop’s Fables, and Sean picked up a Tom Clancy novel with a car magazine.

We met with Jimmy again at his apartment and then went out to the mall. I don’t know why, but we didn’t find anything and came back. Got dinner at California Pizza Kitchen (which I don’t think I had had before then). Back at Jimmy’s apartment we sat around for a bit, and then Sean wanted to go running so I joined him. Sean was big into Track and Field in high school so he was quite the runner, and I was not, so I definitely got exhausted faster than he did.

Came back for a shower, then watched Analyze That, and went to sleep again. It seems to me we didn’t especially do too much in Detroit because there wasn’t much to do. Maybe it was that we were 18 at the time.

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