Day 12 – Toronto

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-8-22 ——

We said goodbye to Jimmy as he was leaving for work, and soon set off ourselves. Today we were traveling into Canada, and to get there we went through an underwater tunnel! Which sounded so exciting but actually was pretty anticlimactic because we couldn’t see anything. Probably better too since who knows what might be in that river.

We got into the wrong line but soon corrected ourselves. The Canadian border patrolman interrogated us, but was “semi-nice” about it (that’s how I described him in the outline).

Now the transition between Detroit and Windsor is quite an odd experience. Basically, Detroit is in the land of ‘Merica, with crime and ugliness and general unpleasant conditions. Windsor is in the magical land of Canada, where flowers grow unhindered, people are apologetic, and milk is in bags. Driving from one side to the other feels like that scene in Who Framed Roger Rabbit where they go from the real world into Toon Town. Suddenly the streets are clean, people are friendly, you can unlock your car doors and relax. Sure, you’ve got to figure out how kilometers work, and might need to be more alert for moose, but it’s such a wonderful place.

Anyhow, we drove through a bit of Canada before appearing in Toronto. We had a hell of a time trying to find a hotel, and drove around a lot trying to search for one. Finally found an area with hotels. First we checked Best Western, but they had an age policy and since I was 18 and Sean was 17 they wouldn’t let us rent the room. Checked another nearby hotel, but they also had an age policy, but they recommended the hotel across the way. Went to the Residence Inn and some friendly girls gave us a room, hurray.

Sat in the hotel for a bit, relaxing, and then went out to dinner. I suppose we had been recommended a place named Shoeless Joe’s, which in a search today (in 2013) shows many, many locations.  We had a nice waitress who said “cheers” three times. Sean got the 2 for 1 wings and I got a pretty dry but still ok steak. Went back to the hotel and watched Family Guy and Futurama before going to bed.

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