Day 13 – Toronto

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-8-23 ——

Woke up and missed the complimentary breakfast. We started the day heading downtown and parked right about in the middle of where the city transitioned from suburbia to urban jungle. There was this one extremely long main road that we walked down, and I remember it being a long long street. It also was slightly downhill if I remember correctly, so the return trip was not something we were looking forward to. Along the way we stopped in a few shops, and then stopped at a hole in the wall style deli that had absolutely terrible bagels, so I didn’t eat half of it. Then further down our walk a homeless man was asking for change so I gave him the bagel, and felt like it didn’t go to waste.

Toronto was a beautiful city, and had some very nice shops. There was this one indoor mall that had fantastic architecture, and a photo I took inside of it turned out to be a good one that many people compliment me on even today. We saw a hockey museum, but decided not to go since it cost a bit too much for our tastes.

We went down to the wharf and hung out before heading back up the long street. We stopped in one shop where I found this incredible Where’s Waldo pirate scene poster. I really liked it, although later in the trip it was lost (but more on that then). Also stopped in a CD shop and bought Classic Queen hits, an album by Great Big Sea, and Guns and Roses Greatest Hits (which was all Sean’s decision). Also got some candy.

Back to the car and back to the hotel. Tried to find some Chinese food and found a really small take out place. Got the dinner for 2 with additional beef with broccoli, and a 2 liter pepsi, and more candy. Then ate it all while watching Family Guy and Futurama in the hotel room.

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