Day 16 – Montréal

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-8-25 ——

We started out from Buckingham early in the morning, and reached Montréal in about 1.5 hours. Learning from our hotel finding adventures in Toronto, we decided to find a place that was outside of the downtown area, and found a nice looking motel that was just a bit north.

We went into the office and asked if they had a room. We were given the choice between a cheaper room with one bed and a more expensive one with two, and we chose the one with one bed because we didn’t mind sharing a bed and we were cheap. Well the lady looked at us a bit weird, she gave us our room key and we went to drop our stuff at the room.

Well we opened the door to the room and realized why she had looked at us strangely. There in the center of the opposite wall was a large waterbed, and on three sides of the bed (two walls and the ceiling) were mirrors. This obviously was a hotel meant for sex and affairs. And it was in that moment that I think Sean turned to me and said “I don’t this we should sleep in the same bed tonight”. I agreed.

Anyhow. We headed into town. The Montréal streets were confusing and narrow, especially for our van. We parked and paid for 2 hours, and then followed a tourist route around the city. Stopped for bagels. Saw some protesters for something in a park. I went into a dollar store to get sunglasses but they were huge. Picked up some watermelon candies. And toured a bit of the “underground city” (which is just their underground shopping center). Then headed back to the hotel. For dinner we got Harvey’s, which was pretty good fast food with customizable burgers.

I think Sean took the waterbed and went to sleep. I watched a show called Dubtitled / Kung Faux which was entertaining ebonic dubbing of Asian martial arts films, and a whole lot better than the porn on the other channels. Not surprisingly I could hear people in the adjacent rooms having sex at 2 in the morning. Very pleasant to hear while trying to go to sleep, but amusing because it seemed like the woman was… well… not the best actress.

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