Day 18 – Boston

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-8-26 ——

Woke up and took our showers. Had a cereal breakfast and then left for downtown Boston. We tried to find parking for a long time around the Oak Grove subway station, and finally parked in a gravel area. This was back when the subway had actual tokens to ride, which I really miss, so we got 8 tokens. Rode to Downtown Crossing and walked out into a frenzied marketplace. There were people everywhere with all sights/sounds/smells. It was a very cool area and we walked from there to Boston Common to get to the Information kiosk for ideas on what to do.

We found a trolley tour that went around the city and decided to do that since it was one of those services you could get off and on again. We walked over to their stand but we were called over to another trolly service that advertised a better tour so took that one instead. Went around town trying to listen to this tour guide we could barely hear, and he was making terrible jokes too. Got off the trolley near the water side and got a mocha smoothie.

From there we took a free boat tour that was combined with the trolley tour. It was very windy and nice out on the bay, but again couldn’t really hear the recording talking about the various sights we could see. We got off at the first stop and walked around a battle ship they had open to tourists in the harbor. Again got on the trolley, and this second guy was a bit funnier but not by too much of a margin.

We took the trolley back to the wharf and walked to this restaurant we had seen named Anthony’s. From the outside it just looked like a casual seafood restaurant, but when we walked in we realized it was actually a high end dress up establishment. All the waiters were dressed to the nines, and we were only dressed the the threes or fours. But we were committed and hungry so we went anyway. I ordered the soft shell crab, because I knew that I liked crab, but I don’t think I understood exactly what the soft shell derivation was. It was absolutely disgusting. I think I made a side order of clam chowder, which was good because that was very delicious. After a while at the restaurant we started to notice that all the waiters and the whole place seemed like some kind of mafia establishment. It was the perfect environment for people named [Adjective] Tony or Jimmy [Number] [Body Part]. Anyhow, we paid a large bill and headed back to Downtown Crossing.

Took the subway home, and then watched Lost in Translation before going to sleep.

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