Day 19 – Boston

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-8-27 ——

Once again woke up and showered and had a bagel for breakfast. Once again went to the subway to get downtown again. Saw a sign that said “Caution Deaf Child” which was thought was amusing if read the wrong way.

Made our way down to State Street and walked over to the naval yard. Took a tour of the USS Constitution, which was interesting and the tour guy was good. Visited a museum, and an exhibit called “Pirates!” which wasn’t great. From there we walked all the way over to Newbury Street, which was high class. Stopped at a California Pizza Kitchen for some incredible Jamaican Jerk Chicken pizza, and I think Sean got a pear pizza.

We continued walking down Newbury while I explained the plot of Planet of the Apes to Sean. Found a “No Moleste” hotel doorknob sign that I wore for a bit and we thought it was hilarious.

[lost memory]
walked past a group of indie rock bottom
walked down an isolated street, quiet and peaceful
/ note: I don’t remember either of these things happening and it isn’t in our photos

Walked to the Bay Street subway stop and rode back. Again had pizza but it wasn’t that great. Watched The Replacement Killers and played a bit of Chrono Trigger and then slept.

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