Day 20 – Stamford

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-8-27 ——

In the morning we packed up to leave, making sure to say goodbye to “Grandma” before hitting the road. The drive down to Stamford wasn’t very long, and we took a scenic Highway 15 which Syd had suggested.

So a bit of back story: Sydney was a friend that I made online years upon years ago. We met through Livejournal, and started reading and commenting on each others’ lives. When planning this trip to find people to visit and places to stay, she was up on the top of the list. Since then, it has almost been a bit of a tradition to visit Sydney whenever I’m over on the east coast. She’s a delightful person, and sarcastic and critical and hilarious in a way such that she’s often compared to (and looks like) the character Liz Lemon on the show 30 Rock.

Anyhow. We arrived at her house and immediately were swarmed by two small fuzzy dogs, Oliver and Stuart. As writing this Stuart is still around and I saw her recently. I’m not sure what happened to Oliver, and I think he’s around too. Anyhow, we went into the backyard so they could run around a bit more and immediately one of the two shot off like a rocket, circled the back yard about 5 times in the span of 30 seconds, and ran back to us. REALLY excited dogs.

We chatted for a bit, and then went down to the beach since we wanted to do something. The beach was a bit gloomy, and compared to what Sean and I were used to in California, it wasn’t much of a beach either, but whatever! It was nice and we walked around more.

Then went out for burgers before coming back to chat more. Syd and I nerded out over internet stuff, and meanwhile we did our laundry. Syd’s mom came by and she was also very nice. We had dinner and just hung around the whole night. Sean went to bed early but I went up to hang out with Syd some more and we ended up talking until 5 in the morning. Finally went down to sleep just a little bit.

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