Day 21 – Norwood

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-8-29 ——

Up in the morning and Sean did his laundry.

[lost memory] I believe Syd was having some work done on her house so I made a note “the chimney guy” and “builders”.

We might have had breakfast and said goodbye to Syd before driving South. Our destination was Norwood, where Sean’s family friends lived. It was a bit confusing getting there, but finally made it and met them. Andy and N_____ (can’t remember her name). They were an extremely hospitable nice older couple who forced food upon us as those people do.

They decided to drive us into New York to meet their daughter. This would be my first ever trip to New York, and I was filled with an overwhelming sense of awe. New York is gigantic, and never ending skyscrapers everywhere. I found it so strange how much of the visual space of one’s surroundings could be so consumed with buildings. Meanwhile the driving experience as terrifying because Andy wasn’t the best of drivers. Maybe it was just becoming accustomed to the New York style of driving, but he was also somewhat of an older gentleman and that may have added to the horror.

We met with the couple’s daughter, which I have absolutely no recollection of, but I do remember going up to the top of her apartment complex and having an incredible view of the city as well as the UN building. We chilled up there watching the sun set, which was a deeply polluted red we could barely see through the buildings.

We drove more around Manhattan, trying to split our attention between the sights being pointed out and Andy’s driving. We stopped at a nice lookout point that gave us an overview of the city.

Had a great Greek dinner before heading to bed.

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