Day 23 – New York

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-9-1 ——

We started the day by visiting the Statue of Liberty. Took the ferry over and walked around the base only because at the time they weren’t letting people up the statue. We took pictures, and tried to take some funny perspective photos but they didn’t work out so well. Then toured Ellis Island. I don’t remember seeing a “short live play” but it was in the notes. I think I also tried looking up my great grandparents’ records but couldn’t find them.

Took the boat back and walked through Wall Street. It was closed so we couldn’t really see anything except a movie set being built. We returned to the hotel briefly before going back out just to walk around.

We went to a comic book shop and Sean picked up some things while I got the last of the Transmetropolitan series. Stopped in a Starbucks to read our bounty. Then I called another online friend I had planned to visit, Kit. I barely remember this girl, but we had a good friendship going on back then. We also were kind of flirty with each other, which made me wonder how meeting her would go – which I think happened a few years later. Anyhow, left the Starbucks and finished our comics back at the hotel.

For dinner we went out to Carnegie Deli with the family. It started downpouring rain so we took a taxi there. The sandwiches there were gigantic, and delicious. I shared a corn beef sandwish with Dad, and had a delicious Matza Ball soup (although I think it was a really condensed matza ball and not what I was used to). I was also pretty surprised to find it was a place that only accepted cash.

After dinner we went to Broadway to see Avenue Q. We had very nice seats right next to someone that looked like a mafia boss. As for the show, I was very impressed. I thought it was hilarious, and totally unlike the sappy kind of musical I was expecting. Laughed a lot and the songs were very catchy. After the show we walked back through Times Square, stopped at some tourist shops, got some CDs from Virgin Records (and my mom picked up the Avenue Q soundtrack). Then returned to the hotel.

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