Day 24 – New York

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-9-2 ——

So I’m not sure what we did until 3 pm that day, but I would expect we just sat around being lazy. But at that time we were to get ready for Shalom’s wedding – the first (and so far only) Orthodox Jewish wedding I’ve ever attended – so we got dressed and boarded a hired bus in front of our hotel. We rode past a lot of scenery for a long time, including the observation towers from the 1964 New York World’s Fair, which I recognized because they were in the last scene of Men in Black.

Fell asleep now and then on the way but finally got there. Got some champagne and socialized before heading to the “Tish”, which is an orthodox Jewish celebration. At this tish there was LOTS of alcohol, and people got very drunk and happy. Then we followed a parade of people out into another area where some words were said by the rabbi. Then we separated and all were seated around the hall. The ceremony proceeded, although it was quite short, and like all good Jewish weddings a wine glass was broken, everyone shouted ‘Mazel Tov!’ and the party continued. Sean and I went to have horderves. Then had more horderves. We talked to a lady and her son the “Ha’vard” graduate, who I wrote down as being annoying in my notes. Then the dinner began and along with dinner was dancing. Lots of dancing.

From this wedding I have gotten the impression that Orthodox Jewish weddings are done in excess. Excessive alcohol, excessive singing and shouting, excessive dancing, excessive food.

The food came out and my cousin Jacob sat next to me. He’s always been a fun kid and I enjoyed playing with him. I wrote in my travel outline that he “was always managing to spend energy in some creative and destructive way” which makes me think he was being a pain during dinner, but I’m sure it was fine. And then my cousin Steven came to hang out with us for a while, and he’s one of my favorite cousins. Extremely hilarious, and also extremely good with kids.

The food wasn’t perfect, but good enough, and more dancing was had. Eventually everyone got tired and drunk, so most of the party loaded the busses again. I seem to remember a large part of the party stayed behind to party through the night. On the bus back Jacob sat next to me talking about baseball for about an hour. I asked if he wanted to lay down on me since he looked sleepy and once he did it was about 10 seconds before he was totally passed out.

We finally got back and I carried him out, passed him to Steve for the two-point conversion, and went up to sleep since I was pretty exhausted.

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