Day 26 – New York

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-9-5 ——

Our time with New York was finished, so this day we packed up to leave. Had a nice walk through Central Park with the family and went to the Gugenheim Museum.

[lost memory] lots of hand pictures / took pictures of hand against ceiling //I have no memory of this at all and I don’t know what I was referring to.

Walked back through the park and left the hotel. Caught a cab to Grand Central, which we then took to the bus stations at Port Royal. It was only after that we realized we only had to walk eight blocks to the station. Then at the bus station we got a bit frustrated since we couldn’t figure out where the right bus was and were we were supposed to go, but finally got on the right direction back to Norwood to Sean’s family friends. (We had parked our car there during our stay in New York)

I often stare out the windows of busses, and on the way back I did so while admiring all the different sorts of clouds. This gave me the idea to buy an analog camera and print out photos of clouds, then draw on the photographs the images that the coulds would make.

After a trip we finally got to Norwood and luckily we made all the right turns at the right streets and got back to the house fast. We dropped our stuff off and went to find Chinese take out, which we brought back to the house. At some point I went to check my luggage for my camera and…

… wait a second. Where was my camera? Explitives were cast, and my camera was lost. I looked through everything twice, retraced my steps in my head, trying to remember the last time I used the camera. We called the bus station and reported the missing item. Then Andy (Sean’s family friend/our host) called some people and managed to find someone to allow us to visit the bus depot. We made the trip over there, and found a parking lot full of busses, which was an interesting sight to see. We found the bus that had taken us and went to the back of it where we were seated, but after some intense searching we still couldn’t find it. My best guess is that the camera had slipped out of my pockets (I think the particular shorts I was wearing were notorious for that) and someone must have picked it up.

Oh well.

Went back to the house and decided that was the end of that digital camera.

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