Day 27 – Philadelphia

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-9-5 ——

After a large breakfast we said goodbye to Andy and started the drive down to Philadelphia. Went down through the New Jersey turnpike, and actually happened to miss the correct turn and had to backtrack a little to get to the city.

Finding parking in the city was tough, but eventually found somewhere that looked like it had free parking. Walked through a small suburb, which I believe was a little south of the downtown area, before getting to the city. Bought a touristy map, went through a yuppie shopping mall, got a cinnnabun, and I bought a camera.

// I actually don’t remember buying a camera at all… I don’t have any photos from it in my photo library, but it could have possibly been lost in a later incident

We then went to the Liberty Bell. The Liberty Bell is one of those historical artifacts that every American hears about at some point in their life, and to us it seemed like the Statue of Liberty of Philadelphia. But when we got to see it, I’m not really sure what we were expecting, but all it was was a large bell. It was just kind of sitting there, on display, with a bit of a crack. There it was. It was the single most anti-climactic experience of my life. One of the most uninteresting monuments in the world.

Despite that, we went to see some other famous places around town, including some kind of building related to Benjamin Franklin. Walked through some parks and streets and after all that we went back to the car, drove off to a hotel we saw a little outside town, and slept.

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