Day 28 – Philadelphia

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-9-5 ——

Before leaving Philadelphia we drove back into town to visit the Museum of Art. I think we couldn’t visit it the previous day for some reason. Anyhow, we parked at the base of Benjamin Franklin Parkway and put two hours into the parking meter at 11:00, because that’s all we thought we would need, and walked to the museum.

Saw all kinds of art – American, European, Asian, Middle Eastern. We dragged ourselves through the place for a long time. And especially admired the Medieval armor and weapons section. After three hours at the museum we left and went back to the car. Sadly we got a parking ticket. We figured the traffic person must have been standing right next to the car when the meter ran out because the ticket was 1:04, two hours right after we had put the money into the meter. Oh well.

We continued on driving to Washington DC. We took the scenic route down through Delaware and Eastern Maryland, checking out corn fields and little towns and plantation-like houses. This way we could avoid the traffic of Baltimore. Finally made it to Washington and immediately found the roads to be impossible to navigate. We tried several times to stop and find an information booth of some sort, and finally got to a fair sort of place and parked. The people at the information booth told us about a somewhat cheap hotel over in the western part of DC.

Since we were nearby, we walked over to the Washington Monument and watched the sun set behind it. Afterwards we drove out over to where the people had directed us, but we couldn’t find the motel they were talking about so instead we went to a “Motor Inn” and called it a night.

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