Day 30 – Washington DC

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-9-6 ——

It ended up being a very long night. At some point someone’s alarm clock went off in one of the adjacent rooms and kept us up.

In the morning I talked with Erin on the phone. I can’t remember if she called me, or I called her, but it was not a comfortable talk (for those who don’t know, I had a very unpleasant break up with her before the trip started).

Anyhow. We headed into town on the metro again, and met some people on the metro (although I completely forget that part). We couldn’t get into the Spy Museum for some reason, and also the FBI Headquarters were not interesting, at least from the outside.

So we headed to the Botanical Gardens. Then went to the Capital building. Then the Library of Congress. Then the Jefferson Memorial (which seemed a lot lonelier than the Jefferson Memorial). We tried to walk to the Pentagon down a looong pathway, but realized that there was no way to get over the highway separating us from the building and our feet felt like they had died a million times, so we gave up and walked back to the metro.

We looked for food a little bit but gave up and just went back to the hotel and got Chinese food nearby. Then another long night of restless sleep followed.

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