Day 33 – Atlanta

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-9-16 ——

We woke up on the border of Georgia sometime later that morning and drove the last few miles to Atlanta. We found the hostel and parked.

Come to think of it, I think this was the first hostel of the trip. And very possibly, this could have been the very first hostel I ever went to in my life. I very barely remember it…

Anyhow, after settiling in, we went to a park for a moment, and then went to the CNN Building to take a tour. Rode on the longest escalator (in some context, I’m not really sure…). The tour was alright. We had a choice between CNN and Coke and I think we would have had a better time if we went to the Coke factory. Oh well.

We decided to walk to the Martin Luther King Memorial, but what we didn’t really realize was that it was in the middle of a pretty bad neighborhood. Some crazy bipolar lady approached us and offered to show us there. She had some really prominent lipstick on that looked weird, but she was really nice. We got some change at a store (I think in order to pay her as a guide, I’m not sure). She told us about various things and claimed that she was protecting us in the neighborhood. I seem to recall that she even shouted across the street at some people to not bother us, “They’re with me” sort of thing. Anyhow, it was very amusing and afterwards we gave her $4.

We saw the Martin Luther King memorial, which was so memorable that I have completely forgotten what it looked like, what it was, and any other details about it.

Anyhow, headed back to the hostel. Chilled there while Sean did his laundry and I went out to buy fresh bread and cheese. We played pool on a bad table, and talked to other people in the hostel. Some guy named Bob and two Australians. We all went out to a restaurant called the Tin Roof and got pretty good food. The waitress was extremely good looking (so much that I wrote it down in my trip outline). We went back to the hostel and I talked outside with Bob for a long while. Then went off to sleep.

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