Day 34 – New Orleans

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-9-16 ——

We left Atlanta and drove through Alabama and Mississippi. We took the scenic route, which involved going down through Montgomery, and then Mobile, and then driving along the Mississippi and Louisiana coast, seeing all sorts of casinos and old plantation era houses. Felt very Southern. We tried to stay on the scenic route for as long as we could be somehow got shifted over to highway 10 eventually. I guess we made an attempt to get off of the highway and back onto the back roads, but we ended up going in a large circle in some small dreary town.

Anyhow, we went over a large bridge and down into New Orleans. We had two hostels to check out, and first tried the India House hostel. But when we drove there, it was dead center in the middle of a neighborhood we didn’t really trust… so we decided to check out the other hostel, Marquette House. It looked like it was in a slightly better neighborhood, and kind of straddled the line between ghetto and standard residential.

We went in and reserved beds for three nights. I took in my suitcase and backpack, which sean just took in his backpack and left his suitcase in the car. This detail will be important later.

We were a bit hungry so we went out and got some food at the Trolly Stop, which was a great 24 hour diner. I had some good corn beef hash and a bagel.

I don’t entirely remember what we did then. I think we were tired so might have had a nap. I went to the car to get my computer cord and worked on my computer for a while before going to bed. The bed was extremely shaky and squeaky, which made it very fun getting to sleep.

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