Day 35 – New Orleans

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-9-17 ——

Today was interesting.

So I woke up early, before Sean for a change. Took a shower and afterwards went out to get something from the car. I went to the spot where I thought I had parked it… but ummm… where was it? Where did the car go? Shit. Did Sean move the car while I was in the shower? I ran around the block of the neighborhood trying to find it but it wasn’t reparked anywhere. Was it stolen?

I went inside and talked to the front desk. After a bit of a conversation we decided that yes, it probably had been stolen. Sean was taking a shower so I couldn’t confirm with him whether he moved it or not. After he got out I asked him and he hadn’t.

We called the cops, and gave them all the information we could and they said they would call us back. Sean and I were in a terrible mood and sat on the hostel’s front steps thinking things over. We thought about what we lost, and what this meant for the trip, and went over what we had done the previous night that might have led to it being stolen. I didn’t remember specifically locking the car, but I assumed that I had because it’s mostly habit for me.

So we finally got a call back from the police department asking more questions and telling us that they would work on it.

So despite the miserable news, we decided the only thing to do was to go into New Orleans anyways and make the best of it. We walked there, which was quite a long ways, and walked along Decatur St in the French Quarter. We looked at various things along the road, and I think our conversation was very sparse. It was a sunny day outside when we had started our walk, but by then it was a bit cloudy. In the span of approximately 5 minutes it went from warm to pouring rain, and then pouring rain to torrential rain, and within another 5 minutes it actually started hailing on us. We of course didn’t have any umbrellas, so we allowed ourselves to get drenching wet as we walked along.

We were walking down Barrack’s Street, stopping to find shelters under awnings while moving along, and decided to sit down for a bit on some brick steps to wait for the rain to pass. This was a pretty narrow street, and not in the best of conditions. Soon enough, a truck came speeding down the road and drove right through a huge puddle in the street, which then created a tidal wave of street water that landed directly on us, making our already wet selves that much wetter. My first instinct was to run out into the road flipping off the truck, and Sean just remained sitting – miserable. Something in me found the situation to be completely ludicrous and hilarious, so I was laughing it off, admiring the moment.

We went into a cafe on the corner of a nearby street, somewhere on the Eastern part of the quarter, enVie Cafe. We told the server, Jessica, that our car had just been stolen from our epic road trip and she sympathized with our situation. We stayed there for a long while and she even gave us some alcoholic/coffee mixed drink that tasted really good. It also got us more relaxed (and actually, Sean didn’t know it was alcoholic until I told him).

After enough time there, and after the rain had let up a bit, we walked back to the hostel, visiting the shops along the way. Sean had found out the location of a Salvation Army, so we decided to walk there. This ended up being an awful decision as well. We completely misjudged the distance of the store, and ended up walking about 8 or so miles through bad neighborhood to get there. When we arrived it was already 7:15 pm, and the store closed at 6 pm. So tired and exhausted and beaten down with the storm of misfortune we started back. We found a bus to take us back, but the driver said it would be better to take the trolley car. We found the trolley, paid the $1.25 fare, and rode it back to the hostel.

Back there we talked to people in the lounge about traveling. Most consisted of Europeans and Aussies. Sean called his parents and told them everything that happened. I was a bit more shy about calling, so put it off. We went out for pizza and during dinner my parents called me first – apparently Sean’s parents had called them before I had a chance to. Anyhow, I talked to them and told them I had everything under control and sorted.

Well, after a long day we somehow got to sleep.

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