Day 37 – New Orleans

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-9-19 ——

After a long previous day, I slept in a bit. Being the first day in New Orleans without Sean, I was at a loss for what to do. Being the experienced traveler I am now, I know that the nature of a two person journey is completely different than a solo trip.

First I took a long needed shower. Then got on a trolley that brought me to the French Quarter again, which seemed to be the only part of New Orleans worth spending time in. I walked up and down each of the streets, and visited every art gallery and antique store that I could find. I also headed back to the enVie Cafe and once again our favorite server Jessica wasn’t there.

Not much must have happened, or I didn’t write it down in my outlines, but considering my late start I suspect that it was soon night and I returned to the hostel for another night sitting around the table outside.

[lost memory] I didn’t elaborate on who was at the table, or much of what happened, but I wrote “Voodoo and Fire”, and by this I assume I meant we talked about voodoo and sat around a fire.

[lost memory] I wrote down “morning – weird german guy, cigarettes”, and this I can’t figure out at all. Too bad for lost memories.

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