Day 38 – New Orleans

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-9-19 ——

These few days around New Orleans contain a lot of lost memories.

For example, I can’t remember that I “slept during the morning on the floor”. But that’s what I wrote. And apparently I went back to the enVie cafe again. I don’t think it was just to try and see that Jessica girl again, but more so it was that they had free internet.

I went into some place to play some pool.

And looked for Margret at some place. I believe she told me she worked at some place, and I went to find her there but couldn’t.

I missed two trolleys on the way back to the hostel, and so I walked. But while walking down the street someone threw eggs at me from a passing car! They hit me but didn’t explode very well so I only had a little bit of mess on me. It was more annoying but also contributed to the amusing tragedies I had been experiencing in that city.

Back at the hostel I talked to an Aussie and British guy.

In the evening I went out on the town with Margret. I was getting to really like her, and hoped that some kind of temporary romance would start between us (but it never did). [lost memory] ditched ladies. She led me to believe that it was really easy to get into bars if one was under 21, since she did it all the time. But that seemed to only be true for her since the two times we tried to get into a bar I got carded and had to leave. We did go to some kind of souvenir shop and I bought one of my favorite shirts that I still have today, which is one of a skull with two pirate swords crossing it. Also at some point I picked up another House of Voodoo shirt that I had for a long time in my life but eventually lost one day.

We went down to the Mississippi River and chatted there.

[lost memory] zots

If I remember correctly, at the end of the evening I really wanted to make some sort of move on Margret, I really wanted to kiss her, but I never found my moment and chickened out.

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