Day 40 – San Antonio

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-9-19 ——

The bus stopped at a few places but I was to tired to notice where. We arrived in Houston to switch to another bus headed to San Antonio. I was temporarily confused by some guy helping me by telling me I didn’t need to re-check my baggage. I think after having the car stolen I had become very suspicious of people.

I had a bit of time to get some food at the local mart. Of course being a bus station,I was approached by another drug dealer who wanted a dollar for McDonalds or something. I got back on the bus, and once again had an entire two seats to myself, and I easily knocked out and slept most of that trip as well.

Texas was completely different than how I had imagined it. There were plenty of trees, lots of grass, lots of greenery out the window. I believe I had imagined something a lot more like the Sergio Leone movies. I was told that most of East Texas was green like what I saw.

Finally got to San Antonio and called Monique (another friend from the online world) telling her that the bus was about 5 minutes away. She picked me up at the station not long after I had arrived.

We got to her place and I put my things down. Monique and I chatted about things. I had no idea that she had a fake eye, and thought that was pretty awesome. Her dogs were at first very crazy and suspicious of me. One was very friendly and the other took a while, but both of them got accustomed to me fairly fast. We got on bikes and Monique showed me around San Antonio. We visited the Alamo, which wasn’t too interesting. We tried riding to the city square but got a little lost. Then to a sort of market place but nothing was happening there except a few touristy shops. Rode to a German restaurant where we met up with her husband Ed, who was a pretty awesome guy. He was a BMX stunt guy. At the restaurant we got some amazing root beer and some kind of meat which tasted great.

Then we left to check out some tree place. I guess we didn’t go since I wrote “locked off”. We rode around looking at various houses and chatting before heading back to the house. Once again the dogs went crazy. Did a bit of laundry, and worked on my computer. Talked to Ed about video things, and then watched something on television (Futurama or Family Guy) until late and went to bed on their really comfortable couch.

Now what’s weird is that I swear I went up to see Austin during this trip, and the only way I could have done so would have been a day trip during this day… but I didn’t write anything about it so either I’m confused and I’ve only been to Austin in 2008 and 2011 before moving there, or I didn’t write this in.

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