Day 43 – Santa Fe

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-9-19 ——

Here is my father’s record of the day:

Fri, 16 Jul Hot with thunderstorms.

Carol called at 9:30 from Phoenix, pick her up on time. Ben and [I] packed up and left the LaQuinta and drove around Albuquerque looking for a steering wheel locking bar. Then back to the airport to pick up Carol and drive North on I-25.
We stopped for lunch at the Sandia Indian Casino for lunch, very posh and cheap lunch. Carol [gambled] a few quarters (Ben had to wear a red armband because he was under 21).
We made Santa Fe by 2 p.m. and went directly to The Garcia Compound to meet Glen & ML Hiersoux of Santa Fe Stay, 636 Garcia St, Santa Fe, just around the corner from Canyon Road. The compound consisted of a main house and 4 small cottages, all renovated and very comfortable.
[Mom and Dad have always been interested in purchasing property in Santa Fe]
We rested until Glen got back and then had about an hour interview with he and his wife ML, running the management company and what and where they manage properties. Glen preferred less than 40 units from Palace Ave. down to Capitol East. For a straight cut of the rental, 15%, they would take care of everything, including reservations (handled by ML). Glen is also a broker and can show us properties that we might be interested in.
Then we dressed for services at Temple Beth Shalom and went down. We met the Rabbi’s wife, Janet Schwab who was from the bay area. She knew Rick Steinberg and Stacia. She also mentioned to Carol their other house in zzz that they are thinking of selling (it’s being rented now).
Then we went into town for dinner at the Cowgirl Bar and Grill, lots of noise and urban cowboys but good food, Ben had his buffalo burger. It was also a hotbed of gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender community from the paper I picked up, very interesting combination.

My additions:
For lunch I had a steak quesadilla. Beth Shalom’s services were kind of intersting to go to. They had similar songs to what I was used to back home, and also some new tunes, and some new songs. But that’s typical of most synagogues. Some stereotypical Jewish grandmothers were behind me during services, and I felt that was important to write down for some reason.

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