Day 45 – Santa Fe

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-9-19 ——

Alright, now back to my own outlines.

In the morning I slept in but finally got up and did some work on the trip logs. I also made new music mixes to play in the car for the trip back. Mom and Dad were bickering over something or other, which isn’t too out of place. Kind of a Ricky and Lucy sort of bickering.

We had breakfast at some grill in a very up-scale shopping mall, but that didn’t make the steak sandwich any less delicious. We went back to the place we were renting and immediately left with one of the realtors that they had been talking to to look at houses. The first one was small and linear. The second had a sunken living room. The third had a lost cat. The fourth was two stories. And the fifth I didn’t have any comments on.

We came back for a brief lunch before heading out again to look at more places in a mountainous area. Stopped by some coffee place and I browsed magazines. Also went to a bookstore. Then back to the rental and I watched some movies (Ocean’s 11 and Hook). I went out to dinner with Mom and for dessert had some pumpkin ice cream.

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