Day 47 – Phoenix

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-9-19 ——

I got up, showered, and planned the day in Phoenix. I couldn’t go to the Frank Lloyd Wright Museum because it was closed, but next destination was Arcosanti.

Arcosanti is an “experimental” architecture city a bit north of Phoenix, started by the architect Paolo Soleri, who actually died just a few months before writing this. It was supposed to be a place where students of architecture could come to experiment constructing buildings with fantastical and strange designs. This sounded really interesting and cool to me so I made the trek out there.

I had to get onto a back road and it was a long ways, and reminded me somewhat of the Salt Flats that I had experienced in Utah earlier. Finally got off the Prescott exit (which I wrote as being 65 miles roughly). Then the road turned to dirt and gravel, so it was fortunate I had my dad’s Jeep and not the Town and Country we started with. And there it was. Honestly, it wasn’t impressive. I parked and walked around a bit. The tour for the place started at 1:00 and I had arrived at 11:30, so I took the time to explore. I went on the “Visitor’s Trail” and took a picture from the scenic view across a canyon. Hiked back, got a quick cookie/croissant/root beer at the cafe, and waited for the tour. The tour was pretty horrible, and the guide basically just read from a paper. She didn’t know too much about the city besides what they had given her, but she was nice bout it. There were three elderly people along for the tour, and the five of us strolled around. The guide showed us the various places where people lived and put things together, and the actual “city” was a whole lot smaller than I expected, but it seemed like there was construction everywhere and the potential size was larger. I talked to a guy who lived there, and picked up a piece of brass from the place where they made bells to sell to tourists. I also picked up a cactus fruit that looked pretty ripe while walking back to the car. Tried eating a little bit before driving back down.

I got back to the Rubins’ and went swimming with Nate in a 97 degree pool. This was a really strange experience for me, but not so uncommon for people who live in these kind of places. I swam around for a bit and then we went for dinner at a bar and grill. I had chicken fried steak, which was a very Texan meal despite being in Arizona, but still was good. Went back and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

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