Day 48 – San Diego

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-9-19 ——

Today I headed off to San Diego. I said bye to Nate and Elloise and started to drive across highway 8 wearing an undershirt and glasses, listening to my music. It was a very long trip and I had to fill up the car twice. The area I drove through was very deserted, but kind of nice and reminded me of Roadrunner cartoons. At one point I noticed some paper thing stuck to the wheel of the car.

The objective was to make it to San Diego to see Comic Con 2004. Sean – poor Sean – decided he really wanted to go to Comic Con, and also felt bad about abandoning me on the trip, so he was to fly down to San Diego and finish the trip with me. What a good guy!

The drive, which was supposed to be 6 hours, ended up being 4-5 hours, and I got to the hostel in La Jolla without issues. I relaxed for a bit before discovering that there was a preview night for Comic Con happening. I drove downtown and found some magic parking spaces, and got in line with people from Florida and a true comic book nerd. I got my badge and then had to leave.

I went to the airport to pick up Sean, of whom bad luck had struck again. They lost his bags on the flight. Well anyhow, we went back to the hostel and dropped our stuff off. I ate some raw pasta and watched people play pictionary at the hostel before going to bed.

I probably had a bit of trouble getting to sleep because I wrote:
and lots of noise

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