Day 49 – San Diego

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-9-19 ——

Alright, up and showered (unlike many convention attendees) and drove off to the convention center. Parked in a garage. Walked to the convention.

I walked the entire exhibit hall since I already had a badge while Sean stood in line to get his. My feet were realy tired even by then. I continued floating around the exhibit hall, picking up cards and fliers from cartoonists we thought were interesting (or just to be polite), and ogling at booth babes. I had met some people online, Kristi and June, and was looking out for them but didn’t see them.

I went to the Adult Swim panel and miraculously met up with Sean. At the panel we saw some voice actors to some great shows, including June Foray! Also got some previews to shows that were to come out over the next few months.

We next headed to a Star Wars fan film festival, and saw one of my favorite fan made movies of all time – George Lucas In Love.

I think at the dealer room I went on a mad hunt for Sam and Max comics, and found ONE PERSON who had it, and immediately bought the issue. Still have it in it’s wrapper.

After an exhausting day we came back to the parking garage and it was locked down! But the security guard let us in and we had to pay with an envelope. And an obscene amount of money. Oh well.

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