Day 50 – San Diego

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-9-19 ——

On this day we decided it was better to meet up at certain times instead of sticking with each other. So I went off to do my thing and Sean to his.

I went to the LucasArts panel, which I didn’t enjoy. And at the time I was a big fan of the webcomic Megatokyo, and they had a panel that I went to.

Also stopped by the booth for Lauren McCubin and Michelle Tea, who had illustrated a book called Rent Girl, which I bought. Also Lauren McCubin was a friend and illustrator with Warren Ellis. They worked together on Orbiter, which I bought the first issue of and had her sign it.

I think one year I gave Rent Girl to a friend as a birthday present, but I can’t remember which one.

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