Day 51 – San Diego

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-9-19 ——

On this day at the convention I bought a pen, and searched all over the dealer room for issues of Snikt – the Wolverine spinoff drawn by Tsutomu Nihei – which I really liked (not for the story, but just for the artwork). After dedicated work I managed to find all 5 issues of it.

I went to a Keenspot panel. Keenspot was a site that hosted a lot of popular webcomics back in the day. I’m not sure what they’re up to now… Anyhow, went to another Adult Swim panel.

Then at some point I lost my pen and I was furious. Losing things that I just had is bad enough, losing something that I just bought was terrible. Anyhow.

Went to see the My Big Fat Independent Movie panel, and I guess also saw the movie. I don’t remember anything about that.

During one of the nights at Comic Con, I went to go hang out with Kristi and June, who I had managed to find. And one night I went over to their hotel room until way too late, and so instead of going back to the hostel I was staying at, I think I just slept there. I was very attracted to Kristi, but nothing happened between us beyond a bit of cuddling. Note: this was probably the previous night, but I can’t clearly remember which one.

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