2004 Road Trip Epilogue

—— Written: 2013-9-19 ——

Well, it’s been 9 years, and I wrote a good third of this journal just on my 28th birthday. 10 years older than I was back then. I’ve forgotten a lot, but many of the memories are still gems in my head that I can reflect on. I hope to continue my progress in converting journal outlines, and I believe my next big project is the Europe Trip of 2007. But here is just a few things to wrap up the loose ends of this trip.

– Story of the van

The blue soccer mom van, the Chrysler Town and Country that was stolen in New Orleans, did have a continued story. About two months after the trip we received a call from the police of New Orleans, saying that they had finally found our car. It was in a towing lot.

Apparently the story was that some kids had stolen the car and taken it for a joy ride. The very night it had been stolen, an officer on patrol pulled them over just on a suspicion for something or other (possibly racial profiling), and they jumped out of the van, jumped a fence, and ran away. The cop was not able to catch them, but he then sent the car to be towed WITHOUT checking to see if the car was stolen. The car was then impounded and sat there in the lot for 2 months before someone decided to check it out, and discovered it had been reported stolen. This is when they called us, and told us that we had to pay $800 to get it out of the lot.

Well first of all, I was back in California and had no need for the car. Second of all, this was a very suspicious incident, and we thought it clearly was a collusion of the police and the towing lot to hold stolen cars for ransom.

We ended up calling Joey, my mother’s friend who we had met in New Orleans, and he offered to check out the car. He went there and discovered it was in terrible shape. It had many parts missing, which we assume had been taken by the people at the lot, and it was crawling with ants everywhere, which made sense because Sean and I had left food in there. But our stuff was still in the car! So what we ended up doing was having Joey take whatever he could find out of the car and put it into boxes. He made an index of what he found and sent it to both Sean and I, and this is what he found (Note, this is a list of things that Sean did not claim, so there probably was more):

1. Large CD case w/movies & CDs.
2. Pirate flag
3. Yellow Pirate bag
a. Minolta Freedom Action Zoom 35 mm camera
b. E.A. Game, “Mission Zero”
c. Carabiner Watch
d. Postcards, many, many
e. Folder w/travel notes and yellow pad
f. Mead 4 Quadrille Graph Paper pad
g. USB 4-Port mini-hub
h. TI-83 calculator
i. 5 ea. FujiFilm, X-TRA 400×24, undeveloped
j. 1 ea. PriceClub Color Print Film 200×24
4. Medicine bag with Band-Aids, Alka-Seltzer Plus, etc.
5. Camera case
6. Ethernet cable
7. Power cord for something
8. Small CD case
9. Sony Camcorder Battery Pack NP-F750
10. TDK Hi8 MP 120 tape (Title: Delivery Boys)
11. TDK Hi8 MP 120 tape, blank
12. Pentax Optio S4 Operating Manual
13. USB patch cable A to ? (for Optio camera?)
14. Audio patch cable RCA to ? (for Optio camera?)
15. LEGO Writing System
16. Loose CDs (badly scratched, some tracks damaged):
a. Guns & Roses Greatest Hits;
b. Frank Sinatra The Capital Years
c. Hot Boyz Get It Now ya live [note: this was not ours, and probably belonged to the miscreants who took the car]
17. Beaded Alligator key fob??
18. “Peace” necklace
19. U.S. Capitol pin
20. Spare T&C key
21. 8 ea. skipping rocks
22. Steno Book w/ notes
23. Misc.: 4″ ruler, small scissors, multiple electrical plug.

Clothes [I washed all pants and shirts]
1. Heavy Jacket and liner, blue, medium by Port Authority.
2. Rain shell, black medium, “Adidas” logo
3. Long Pants, green, w/cargo pockets
4. Long Pants, L.L. Bean kaki, W31
5. Long Pants, Wrangler jeans, 36×30??
6. Shorts, light tan, W31
7. Short Sleeve Shirt, green
8. belt
9. socks

1. Tracy Kidder, Mountains Beyond Mountains
2. Dan Brown, The DA Vinci Code
3. Coleman Barks, The Essential Rumi
4. Harrap’s Beginner’s Spanish Dictionary
5. Aesop’s Fables
6. Heschel, God In Search Of Man
7. George Orwell, 1984
8. Transmetropolitan: One More Time (comic book?)
9. David Cordingly, Under The Black Flag
10. Orson Scott Card, Ender’s Game
11. William Gibson, Mona Lisa Overdrive

So in the end we got back a lot of things, but not all things. I still was missing my grandfather’s watch. And I think some other stuff was never retrieved.

– How Sean disappeared

It also is worth mentioning that none of us, myself or any of Sean’s friends, has heard from him in many years. I still try to search for any sort of online presence he may have, and even called his parents once (they said he was coming back in three months and would have him call me). I should call them up again sometime. But anyhow, still, no one has seen or heard from him, which concerns all of us. SEAN, YOU PUNK, CONTACT ONE OF US OKAY?

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