Day 52 – Los Altos

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-9-19 ——

Finally, the drive home. The end of a trip. The end of a journal.

We showered. Went back to the convention one more time. Met up with Kristi and June to say goodbye to them, and got some pictures with booth babes on the way out. Picked up some t-shirts as well. Drove back to the hostel, picked up our stuff, and then got some In & Out Burger before the last drive.

It was a pleasant drive, and I believe we mostly followed the coastal road up to 101, probably got stuck in Los Angeles but did our best to avoid it. On the Jeep there was a meter to show the amount of miles left before having an empty tank, which for anyone who read through this entire journal might sound familiar. We apparently didn’t learn our lesson in Quebec, and waited until the very last possible moment to fill up our tank. The number of miles were getting lower and lower, and we kept on hesitating on exits that had gas station.

Finally we couldn’t afford to wait for the next exit, so we took one off the road that supposedly had a station. But because it was a bit of a hilly area, we couldn’t see where the station was. It was a very small town, and watching the numbers slowly count down on our dashboard we prayed and navigated the streets looking for some place to get gas.

We were headed on a northern street running parallel to the highway but a few blocks east of it, and a large incline was to our left. We took a left onto some street, with our hope running out. This inclined our car looking eastward, towards where the sun was setting, and shielding our eyes from the blinding light, we saw it… the tall Chevron sign, rising up from behind the hill, glorified with all but a heavenly chorus of harps and tenors. We were saved.

Bought some candy, and dealt with some stupid drivers before getting back to the Bay Area late at night. Dropped Sean off, and got a little bit of food before driving back to my own home.

I still had a little bit of energy to get caught up with the internet before falling asleep and concluding the North American Road Trip of 2004.

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