Day 5 – Archeological Dig, Arab Israeli Co-Existance Program, Party

This day we went on an Archeological dig. Went to some site where this guy explained how they were a non-profit research team that allowed the public and various organizations to work on a specific site to try and find things. We looked at one place that was already done and he explained some things about it while bugs attacked us.

Then the guy took us on an exploration of caves, which was AWESOME. They were lit by small candles, and we had to crawl through small places, help each other get through obstacles, watch out for traps, and run from falling boulders. It smelled all cave-musky. Then we came out and it was hot and buggy again.

Then we went into a nearby site where people had been working on digging out a room. We shoveled dirt into buckets, then made a chain of people to take the buckets out of the room to the surface (the room was underground), and then we sifted through the dirt for pot bits. There were a lot. Afterwards we went to some place where there was a multitude of pot chips that researchers had deemed not worthy, and I picked out a piece. The guy gave one last talk and we were out of there.

Then we went to a mall for some reason and got some stuff.

Then we picked up some Israeli Soldiers, who would spend the next couple days with us. They all seemed like nice people.

Then we had lunch at this terrible sandwich place. I got a kebob sandwich that turned out to be pretty gross.

Then we headed to a place for an Arab Israeli Co-existance program. It was at a zoo for children at some place, and there were interesting animals there. A nice guy gave a talk about the situation, and the history with the local city and neighboring Arab village.

Then we went to a place where they were setting up the border that would become the separation between Israel and a Palestinian state. It was hot and not many people were paying attention.

Then we went on a long trip to the hotel, and unpacked since we were staying there for a while. Went to dinner, and then had a meeting where we celebrated Julie’s birthday.

Then there was drinking on the balcony, which was a good time, and then we moved the party to the bar/disco where nobody was, at first, but then people trickled in and the dance party was started. Lots of partying, and chilling. Talking with people, and what not. Many drunks. The party eventually died down and I went to bed.

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