Day 6 – Observation Point, Tzfat, Water Hike

Got up and went to breakfast. Onto the bus and went to the Metzudat Koach Observation point. While walking there I got stung on the arm by something and it stung really bad. Not sure what it was, but it was inside my shirt, so I shook out my shirt a bunch and waited a while before putting it back on. There was also honeysuckle there, which one of the Israelis, Tamer, also knows about taking out the middle thing and getting the honey! This made me very happy.

Then we went to the lovely city of Tzfat, where we were lectured and I fell asleep, but soon went into a synagogue where the guy who began Kabbalah studied, which was mildly interesting.

Then we spent time going around a row of shops. There was a huge candle shop there and they had all these interesting designs.

Then we went on a hike up a waterfall! Walked through a river, and then up a river, and then into a waterfall, and it seemed pretty dangerous but we all made it. It was exciting climbing all the rocks and being monkey-like. Unfortunately there was a lot of people at the destination, and we couldn’t play very much in the waterfall. There were fig trees EVERYWHERE. Which was kind of weird.

Came back down, and got some watermelon as well as making our way into an apricot orchard (Avi said it was ok) and picked some good apricots. (washed them of course before eating).

While leaving there was a fire happening nearby and we saw a plane come by to prevent it spreading in some direction. Apparently it happens all the time. Richens the soil.

Then we came back for a Shabbat service, which was really half-assed and sad. Nobody really knew the order of prayers and it was more like “Who knows a song to sing? Ok lets sing that one!”. Which was alright.

Half of the trip went to the local pub, but I was tired so I decided to just sleep.

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