Day 7 – Shabbat and Boat Party

Shabbat in English probably most correctly translates to “sit-your-ass-down-and-chill-dawg”. So I slept a bit, then took my book out onto the balcony to read. Then took the book over to the pool. Read there. Read a lot. Sat with my shirt open and read a lot. Then Jess came by and was going to get a popsicle so I went with. Ate the popsicle and came back to finish my book.

1984 is a very interesting book. It presents a terrifying situation through a story of this man Winston. What I didn’t like about the book, is it seemed like Orwell was trying to get across this idea of the future, more than presenting a story. At one point in the book he just makes some excuse to completely leave the story and write directly what he is trying to present to the reader. Which is all great if thats what you’re into, but I feel that it would have been even greater mastery of writing if he could avoid that and just get across his point through the story, maybe making the book longer if necessary. Which is another point – he stops too abruptly. I think he could have done otherwise. But overall it was very well done.

After that I went for a walk through the Kibbutz with Michelle and Becka. We walked about and it was very quiet and calm all around. Very nice. Then we came back. I think I chilled a bit more in various places.

Then we went on a boat party on the Sea of Galilee. We thought there was going to be alcohol, but there wasn’t, which was disappointing. I didn’t feel too good so I didn’t dance, and just kind of sat on the side the whole time. I really don’t enjoy dancing : /.

Then we got dinner at this small harbor town near the sea, and I got some wonderful Irish coffee and crossaint.

Came back and slept.

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