Day 8 – Hike, Winery, Kayaking, Ropes Course

This was another long day for us.

We first set out on a hike alongside a river and in a very natural setting. There were ruins from Roman buildings such as mills and granaries. In the middle of the area there was a food stand that looked pretty good, but I wasn’t hungry. Went to a waterfall that was pretty nice, and while hiking back, Irad picked up a bird’s head that was rotting on the ground and threw it. Something was weird about that guy…

We went to a old bunker site in the Golan Heights area, which had a great view (obviously). Irad gave a long long explanation of everything and I don’t think I heard a word of any of it. But there was an old rusted bazooka on the ground.

For lunch we stopped at some place with two counter-type restaurants and I got some Shwarma, which was alright (but I shouldn’t have gotten the hummus).

Then we headed off to the Golan Heights Winery, which is supposedly famous throughout the world. The Golan Heights have the same kind of atmosphere as Napa Valley, and it’s just as gorgeous, so thus good wine comes from it. We were shown how to taste wine like an expert. First hold the glass correctly, then examine the color, then stick your nose into the glass, then taste it, then spit it out. I don’t agree with the spitting out part, but the 3 wines they gave us were really good. And we got a free glass!

Then they showed us a ridiculous movie with a dubbed genie and some weirdo who acted a bit like Napoleon Dynamite (except liek 30 years older). I bought three bottles of wine and a bottle of olive oil.

Then it was off to the Jordan River, where we went rafting/kayaking. I got into a kayak with David. I don’t think we worked that well as a team, but we did go pretty fast and had a great time. Relaxing and fun.

Then we landed at the site downstream and got dinner there, which included some really sweet tea that I liked, and some cheese pizza that was alright. And nearby was a ropes course setup. I got on the High Challenges (which weren’t that challenging) first and got off not too long after. I went through almost all of the obstacles too… The ropes really cut up some parts of my arm and also going through these barrels made me very dirty. Then after getting down I did the climbing wall, which I did to the almost top. Kenny agrees with me that there was no way to get to the very very top (nowhere to put your feet). Then did a bit of archery, and didn’t do any significant feat there.

Back to the hotel. Before going to bed, I was walking around seeing who I could hang out with and it turned out someone had found a scorpion on their suitcase. Irad put it in a cup, took it out to the balcony, and after fooling around with a ball-point pen, was able to grab the scorpion by it’s stinger. This was INTENSE. Hardcore Israeli here. That was exciting.

And so much excitement that I just had to sleep.

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