Day 9 – Shoe Kibbutz, Cabbage, Yehuda St, Party

On this day we went to a Kibbutz that made shoes. The brand of the shoes is named… Diadora. I bought some boots that I thought looked really tough, and something I could wear while riding a motorcycle :D. I decided they were Kibbootz. Ha.

Then we got a special tour of the factory, which was incredibly interesting. Saw all of the different stations where they made shoes. These people all are part of the Kibbutz meaning they all get paid the same and work as a community.

Then we made a short visit to a water pool that was pretty and nice. People jumped in using a rope, and tried to do all these tricks. I didn’t go in because I didn’t have a swimsuit, but I did find a lighter…

Then had lunch at some fast food side-stop. I didn’t have any money, because I spent all the cash on my boots and I thought my card didn’t work (didn’t work when trying to buy the boots, but I tried it just today and it did work. Strange). So I got some onion rings, which were somewhat satisfying, and other people gave me some food too, which was great.

Then we went to some farm where we were going to pick cabbage for a charity organization. This organization, Table to Table (something like that), sends food to various different other organizations. We volunteered labor to cut the cabbage from the patches, and they dealt with it afterwards. So they gave us all these pretty awesome knives, and taught us how to kick down the larger leaves, pull the cabbage head to the side, and cut the stem. With 40 so people working on this, we went through three rows pretty quickly, and that was it. A lot of people didn’t really like it past the first row, but I personally really liked working. Out under the sun, working up a sweat, getting my hands a bit dirty, and handling a knife. Could it get any better? KNIVES. Anyhow, got back on the bus and the guy talked to us a bit more and we were off.

Went back to the hotel for dinner. Then this guy Neil Lazarus gave this really awesome presentation about the current Israeli political situation. He made his presentation entertaining, and spoke lively, which was enough to hold my attention the whole time. Very effective, and he also talked about a few other things.

Then we got on the bus to go to Ben Yehuda Street for some shopping. They set boundaries and let us loose. Looked in two trinket stores, and found a hamsa for my mom (though I don’t know where it ended up. I can’t find it). Went to a candy shop and got a bunch. Got a bagel and coffee from some shop. The bagel wasn’t that great actually… tasted a bit like sourdough.

Then we all went to a trendy bar, which turned out to be not that great (I think because they had so many people there at once). I got a Long Island Ice Tea, but they didn’t have ice tea so they used Coke. Whatever, still got me pretty bad. Hung out with Jess, and went with her and Meridith and (Coby?) to get REAL potato chips from a nearby place. They were made right in front of us! It was really good too. Went back to the bar and chilled with people before leaving.

On the bus back to the hotel we partied in the aisle-way. There was dancing, and a couple people hooked up. Not me! (damn). Once we got back to the hotel we brought guitars to someone’s door and had a jam session out in the hallway. It was incredibly fun, but as expected the hotel guy came by and yelled at us. We out onto the lawn and he wouldn’t let us be there either because people would still hear us, so we put 22 people into someone’s room and hung out there. Then people decided to head to the gazebo somewhere so we went out in teams. I didn’t think this was such a great idea because we were in mob-mentality mode, meaning not many people would follow and it would disperse the party. I went anyway and there turned out to be only about 6 of us there. We chilled and it was good. A nice view, and people did hookah (I don’t do that).

Then went back to my room and slept.

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