Day 6 – Belfast to Edinburgh

This day wasn’t as exciting as the others.
I started the day getting up early… … Got some tea and toast for breakfast to deal with the lack of nourishment in my system. Got some water for Dana too, who needed it. She didn’t remember my name, which when hanging out with people in a hostel environment that happens. Chilled a bit before heading out.

Got to the bus station and bought a ticket. Met a guy from California and we made the trip together. Went from the bus to the ferry, the ferry to the bus, the bus to the bus, and that bus to Edinburgh. I remember taking the ferry from 7 years ago, which was interesting.

After getting off the bus I was so lost and confused. I didn’t have a phone and my computer was out of battery so I couldn’t check where the shuttle was that I needed to pick up. The train station people didn’t know where it was but luckily gave me the phone number for the Globetrotter Inn Hostel I was staying at. I called them (and the phone ate a pound of mine), and the lady gave me some really confusing directions. I had to go towards the castle, then she said not to. She said to find Waverly, Waterloo place, and these things which I should have written down. I got out of the bus station and walked down to Princes street, but I got confused with bus stations and ended up walking up and down Princes street for a while trying to figure out where the right bus station was. Finally found the right one, and got on the shuttle to the hostel. The hostel was about 2 or 3 miles away from the city, which was really strange… And apparently it cost £1.50 to use it. Wouldn’t that discourage people from going into the city? Anyhow, I was tired so I stayed at the hostel. I tried doing laundry, which failed miserably because I didn’t press the white button when it got to the dryer stage. So my clothes smelled pretty funky, which sucked. But there was a nice sunset which I took pictures of. Got some Curry and Beer at the hostel’s bar, and watched a football (and I mean soccer) match on TV. Worked a bit on my laptop formatting pictures from Belfast. Then while waiting for the laundry I watched TV with the staff of the hostel. I don’t understand TV by the way.

Then it was off to get some sleep.

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