Day 7 – Edinburgh

Got up and eventually made my way over to the other hostel. The Globetrotter Inn has this system where you have to load money onto your card and then you can spend that money on stuff at the hostel. This is annoying, and I had 61 pence left to use before leaving so I bought a juice box. How long has it been since I drank one of those???

Anyhow, the other hostel didn’t have check in until around 2 o’clock, so I left my stuff there and headed out. Walked down the Royal Mile towards the Queen’s place. I got on a hiking trail (in my sandals) and hiked up to King Arthur’s Seat. This was a long long and steep hike, but I made it. Very nice view of the whole city. I went back down and around so that I walked down Regal street. The hostel wasn’t ready for check in at that point so I decided to get lunch at a place they recommended. Went to The Castle Arms, which was nice and tasty. I didn’t get the 10% discount because I forgot to show my hostel card beforehand. Oh well. Came back and checked in. Got to talking to one of the girls in the main lounge area named Amy, and we decided to go see Edinburgh Castle.

It was weird seeing the place again. As I’ve mentioned, I went here 7 years ago, and I remember bits and parts of it. It’s like reading a book with a sheet of paper covering the next line from where you are reading, except it’s remembering for me. The castle itself wasn’t that exciting. Maybe worth £7 but not the £11 that I paid.

After the castle we walked around the Old Town section of Edinburgh. Saw a hill infested with rabbits. Saw a guy carrying a whip. Saw all sorts of shops.

For food we got this really gross fast food kind fish and chips place. I wanted to get something interesting, so got a Tuna Pizza along with fish and chips. Both were extremely gross, and I don’t think I’ll be ordering that anymore. Oh well.

And another day was over.

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