Day 8 – Edinburgh

Got up, got tea, got lost. Meaning that Amy and I set out to find the famed Royal Botanical Gardens, and completely went the wrong direction. We walked and walked and walked, maybe somewhere around 5 miles before we somehow miraculously found our destination. On the way I thought out loud “I could really go for some fresh bread from a bakery” and by some magical spell a bakery appeared a few blocks later! With fresh bread! FOR 10 PENCE!!! Which was awesome.

Got to the park, and bought a map for 50 pence. Sat down and planned out our route while relaxing our feet from the long lost walk. Then slowly made our ways around the gardens, looking at all the flowers and trees and green stuff. There were some really interesting ones, and some really boring ones.

About halfway through we had a small lunch at the cafe in the center. I got an apple, another juice box, a caramel shortbread sweet, and a caramel muffin. SO much sugar. It hurt my brain it was so sweet! Especially the caramel shortbread. Wow. But the apple was great. Continued our journey around. Saw plants from around the world. Took a short relaxing break in the expanse of grass after the foresty area.

We didn’t get as lost on our way back, and walked straight back to the hostel. I took a nap on the couch, and worked on my computer a bit. Relaxed in the small room past the kitchen which is a bit hidden.

I introduced Amy to Eddie Izzard, which she thought was great. After a bit we went to get food at the local food mart, at where I got some Indian snacks which were delicious. Hung out with this German guy who was really friendly. He gave me two Fosters beers.

And then went to bed.

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