Day 9 – Edinburgh

I’m writing this from day 14, and so much has happened since this day so I’ll probably not remember the small stuff, but here it goes.

I got up and had tea. One thing I really liked about that hostel was it had free tea/hot chocolate/coffee. Brilliant.

Today we decided to go see the Museum of Scotland/Royal Museum. This was me, Amy, and that German guy. We left for the Museum and walked around. And around. And around. It was a lot of walking. We saw all of these taxedermed (?) animals, which Amy didn’t really like. Some of them were fake too. I thought it was really cool, and I wish I hadn’t been with them so I could have spent more time in that part of the exhibit. Later we got to a rock formation/type part of the museum and I found that really interesting, so I did slow down and forced them to semi-wait for me. The museum had this really weird clock at one end of their large hall that chimed on the hour, and did this whole moving musical number. But it was creepy because it was all statues of hellish fiends and tortured people. Actually in retrospect that museum was a lot more interesting than I thought it was at the time… They had this kind of cool history of design room, where they had different objects from specific types of designs (like Art Deco, Victorian, etc).

After getting through with that half of the building we made our way into the other side, which was Scottish history. First went to the roof and found that there are millions of chimneys in Edinburgh. We then went through all the exhibits, which weren’t too exciting… I don’t exactly find the old Scottish history that fascinating, though there are lots of dramatic moments.

So then we left that Museum and looked for something to eat. I brought us to the Castle Arms, the place I went a few days beforehand and though I had a good meal before, this one wasn’t that great. Apparently the beer in Scotland is flat, and warm (that’s actually how they have it). And I also got haggis for the second time in my life. Amazingly I had the same reaction. It tasted good, but the texture wasn’t great at all.

After getting filled with food, we headed off to another Museum. This time it was the National Gallery of Scotland. It was a lot of the usual old paintings. Maybe if I knew more Art History I would appreciate it more. I’ll talk more about art on day 13 (When I went to the Tate Modern).

So after that adventure, we walked a bit on Princes St, and Amy and I parted ways with the German (I wish I remembered his name). Amy and I went back to the hostel and just hung out, drinking with other people. Not any important specifics. I think I went to Tesco and got some gross lasagna (recommended by that Wisconsin guy).

Oh right, “HAVE IT!” That’s a phrase from a guy at Belfast. I like it.

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