Day 11 – London

In the early early morning I arrived at the Victoria station. I had no idea where I was staying, or if Jo was going to be able to accommodate me. I kind of like that last minute planning. I went to an internet cafe where I got Jo’s number, and made a couple posts to this journal. Called Jo and found that I did not have a place, and that we’d meet at 12:30 at the Bond Street station. Then the phone call ran out. Unfortunately I didn’t remember what specifics of WHERE at the Bond Street station she said. That would come into play later. Anyhow, the phone ate an entire pound of mine, which is 2 dollars US. I then went to Waterloo and reserved a train ticket for Brussels on the 10th. Went to Bond street and hung around. Got a bagel and butter, and some tea, and it was so much more expensive than it should have been. I realized that it was a bit sketchy to be hanging around the station for another hour, so I decided to take the Circle Line all around.

Which I did. I thought it would have been faster, but it wasn’t. As I was getting on, I met this cute stereotypical british grandmother and she said she didn’t know, it might take me as much as three quarters of an hour to go around. But she said it in that great British way. Anyhow, got about halfway through and decided that was enough time wasting and came back. Then met with Jo, and we went to her friend’s place. Her friend had moved out, but the room was still rented so I used the wireless there, reserved a hostel for the night, and we hung out with Jo’s other friend (who’s name I forget).

We then went out walking, and got some fish and chips. Jo got the fish and chips, and I got a meat pie and chips. They didn’t give me a fork! Yeah, anyhow, we went to the London Bridge area and walked around. Reserved tickets at the Globe theater. Walked along the river. Then we got to the Eye of London, which we didn’t go on because it was expensive. Then went to Big Ben and Parliament, which was touristy. Then we walked through miles and miles of park. Saw people skating, saw lots of bird poop, and relaxed. I was having difficulty with my knee, but it was alright after a while.

Then we went to Chinatown, which isn’t anything up to the standards of Chinatowns set by the US. But it was pretty good none the less. Except the food we had wasn’t that great. The meet wasn’t really warm and the sauce was pretty… meh. But it was cheap.

We had some time to kill so we made our way to the hostel and checked me in. That was a little confusing but we made it. After that we went out to meet Jo’s friends at a club in SoHo. That was a bit fun except it was very difficult for me to hear things there. When Jo got up to leave I followed suit and went back to the hostel.

At the hostel I put my stuff down and headed to the bar to meet people. And of course I did. I met a guy named Eric(k) who was from north north Canada, like an island up in the really cold part. He was half Innuit and half Norwegian. Fun guy, and we were joined by Wade and Lisa from Australia. They were pretty drunk, but we wanted to find more alcohol since the bar had closed.

We went out on a trip to find said alcohol, and ran into a 24 hour store where this Indian guy said his brother who owned a store down the street could get us stuff if we told him Roger sent us. I found a great small bottle of Jameson for 9 pounds, which is cheap for London. We hung out in an alleyway, and then went down to find anywhere else open. We found a gambling center and went in. We were the only people there so we hung out with the staff. Eric made a ton of money, but everyone else lost a bunch. I sacrificed 5 pounds for the hell of it. They had free food so I took advantage of that.

Eventually started heading back. We ran into this girl who asked Eric for some money, and he, being innocent and from a place where people don’t get cheated that often, decided to give her some, but he didn’t have change, only a 20. So she followed him to a store where he got some change, and accidentally gave her a lot more money than he meant to. When he asked for it back she said to piss off and some accomplice of hers came along and also joined in telling him off. I wasn’t there, I had continued walking to the hostel trying to avoid all this, and only heard about it later. Ugh, early morning what nots.

Got back and went to sleep

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