Day 12 – London

Woke up a lot later than I wanted to. But that’s always fine. I got on the internet and checked messages, so I found out where Eileen lived and decided to go there and knock on the door instead of calling her first. Unfortunately she couldn’t hear the buzzer so I called her anyway. The telephones in London always eat a pound.
We hung out, went down the street to the T, and then went to this park area to have a bit of food. I had a Lentil and Bacon soup, with a piece of bread. It was really good actually. Kinda weird. But good.
Then went to Trafalgar Square. Went to the National Gallery and walked around looking at as much as we could, but then we were ushered out because they’re mean, and they close at 5. I just got a glimpse at one of Van Gogh’s Sunflower paintings before an old man creeped up behind me and scared the hell out of me saying “We’re closing! Get out!” (basically).

Then we went to Liecester Square and Covent Gardens. Looked around at the shops. Walked through Malaysia week. That was fun, and we relaxed a bit cause my knee hurt so much. But eventually got up and got some pizza. Then back to her place where we drank Becks and watched TV with her roommates. This show, Big Brother, is just absolutely weird. I don’t really see the appeal. Anyhow, we then decided to go out on the town to find things to do with one of her roommates. We went down this really creepy street and was almost attacked by a homeless person, but thankfully I was there to fend him off! Actually we just walked by him and he stared at us. Eventually found our way back to life, and took a break at McDonalds. Then I walked them home, and quickly went back to the tube station because it was past midnight. I actually got the last last LAST train back to the hostel, which was amazingly lucky since it came just 2 minutes after I got to the station.

I went back to the hostel and hung out at the bar with more people. I think that night I hung out with the Irish kids. They were fun people.

And then night.

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