Day 13 – London

Up and auuuugh knee. I don’t really know why, but it hurts so much in the mornings. This was probably the worst day of my knee hurting. Anyhow, I got organized and went out to the Tate Modern. I walked around the surrealist artwork and thought a lot about meta artwork and I think about now I understand it. Modern art is something you love to hate. You can act like you understand it, but so often artists are trying to challenge the idea of what art is that the meer act of modern art is so repeated and lame. What I see is people (around my age) walking around the museum making fun of the art. They poke fun at the pieces of art and do things like pretending that gallery furniture are also pieces of art, or claim that they could make artwork like that. But that’s the whole point of the art, it’s to make people joke about it, and talk about it. So in being terrible, it achieves its purpose. Capisce?

Anyhow, got some snacks (forgetting I had bought a cheap plain bagel before getting there) and ate that. Then I remembered hearing from the Irish kids the previous night I should check out the Camden area (I had written in large letters on my arm “CAMDEN”, which helped in remembering…). So I went over there and wow, punk as fuck. Never before have I seen so much black clothing in one area, not even in the Harvard Square Pit. That was kind of cool to walk around, and I bought myself a black patrol hat since my green one was too big and this one was adjustable. I also bought a really really cheap and fun watch with this cartoon football (soccer) guy and he’s kicking a ball. 2 pounds, which was a rip off, but it was alright. They had a nice square with a river going through and a bridge and I chilled there for a bit.

Then I went off to meet Jo for our Shakespeare adventure. We met at Bond Street and left for London Bridge. Walked around looking for cheap good food and found this really amazing middle eastern place. I can’t remember the name of the place, but it was right next to the theater. I got Kiymali? Fantastic, and reasonable pricing. After that we went over to the nearby Gelateria and got some amazing ice cream. So good.

Headed into the Globe Theater, and it was amazing. Everything is rebuilt to look like the original Globe Theater used in Shakespeare time. We were sitting on the very left of the theater, so we watched the whole play horizontally, which was different. Apparently the show was delayed a bit because one of the actors had an accident and they were getting someone to stand in for them. Oh, the show we saw was Merchant of Venice. Basically, I had an amazing time. This was a completely different experience than any other sort of theatrical performance I’ve been to. They did stuff with minimal props, I couldn’t see the background, the actors were so much more lively, two of the actors were reading from scripts (to make up for those that were not there), and it was all just so reliant on the imagination of the viewer that it turned out being great. I wish theater was more like this in fact. Well done.

Ok, so we left, Jo and I parted ways, and I went back to the hostel. That night I believe I hung out with these Estonians, who were very friendly, and we asked all about each others’ cultures.

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