Day 15 – London to Brussels

I got up and left the hostel. Got onto the train without too much trouble, although since I wasn’t going to be using the UK money anymore I tried to spend as much of it as possible. I bought my dad some “Tube” socks (with the Underground map on them), and some other trinkets.

I got on the train, and lucky me had a family sitting with me. On these trains they have two sets of seats facing each other over a table, and this young couple with their child decided to sit next to me. Of course the kid was sitting across from me, and for the next hour and a half he was kicking my legs. The mother of the family kept on telling him to mind his feet, he’s kicking that man’s legs. He had a bit of an attitude, but was mostly sedated the first half of the trip with a gameboy. The father also was sedated with another gameboy. For the second half of that part of the trip, the kid was coloring in a cat. Then the kid got really upset over something and tore up the picture. The mother hit the kid, which was a bit awkward for me to be right across from. Turns out they were going to Euro-Disney. Luckily they got off in Lille Paris, which was halfway to Brussels.

I got off the train into Brussels and almost immediately got lost. I soon found out I started walking about 90 degrees to the right of the direction I needed to be walking. This was hinted to me by the prominent smell of piss and abundance of graffiti, and probably also by the guy in front of me suddenly moving to the side of the sidewalk and taking a piss on the building. Well eventually got back on course, and I walked in the right direction. Maybe got a little bit lost some more, but thats because Brussels is an amazingly complicated city where roads change names every block or so. And they’re in two different languages. There was less piss in the main area of the city, but still an amazing amount of graffiti. I take this as a sign of a strong presence of ideologies among the youth here, which is good. Some was creative, some wasn’t so much. (A side note: I later found out that the rest of Europe is COVERED with much much better graffiti. Brussels was only impressive at the time.)

I got to the hostel and checked in to put my bags down, then went back out to get some food. I found a kabob place, of which there are thousands all around Europe. Ordered one thing and got another (typical) but that was ok, it was very filling and tasted great. I then wandered around, trying to stay not lost, and found myself at a skate park. I sat down and took a few pictures, watching a guy do some pretty amazing bike tricks, and some other guys doing awesome skateboard tricks. Pretty well decorated too. Wandered some more and ran into a church, so sat there for a bit figuring out where I was. Then went back to the hostel.

At the hostel I had a drink at the bar, and started playing snooker. A Lebonese guy wanted to join, so we played a few games. I won two and he won one I believe… But they were well played games. We talked a little but it was difficult since his English was bad. He had stayed in Italy a while so I tried talking to him in Italian, but my Italian wasn’t as good as his English so we went back to that.

After that I might have gone out to eat again, but I can’t exactly remember right now (I’m writing this on day 27). And then went to sleep.

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