Day 21 – Amsterdam

Got up early and headed out to the Van Gogh Museum. Read all about his life and saw many different paintings by him. Some things I didn’t know about him: He was a missionary for a time; he started painting at the age of 26; He had a brother who he sent letters to all the time; The painting with the ravens over the field was NOT his last painting. Anyhow, the museum actually was a bit more disappointing than I expected. Not as many paintings as I expected.

I walked back, and in the room I met with two new roommates. Mohammad is a journalist from Jordan, working as a correspondent for multiple media companies. And Brandon plays World of Warcraft, and not too much else. These two characters and I went to find a football (soccer) game that Mohammad claimed was showing, which was one of the biggest games of the season. Except after walking all the way to a sports bar, not finding it, then walking to the Irish pub, and not finding it, I noticed the television advertising the game for TOMORROW. I pointed it out to Mohammad and he felt very ashamed since he’s a big soccer fan. We sat down at the Irish pub to have a bit of dinner anyway. We told each other jokes, which were a bit hard to remember. I need to memorize jokes for those moments.

Walked around a bit more, found some other people for a short while to hang out with, and then went back to the hotel. But before going to sleep I went back out to get a really good kebob.

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