Day 24 – Paris

Got up and got Mode up, as the rest of the trip seems like it will be. Mode sleeps a lot longer than I do. Eventually we got out and looked for food on the way to the metro. Found a fruit/vegetable store where I got an orange and Mode got baby tomatoes. Then found a good baguette shop where we got some really great baguettes for cheap. Headed off on the metro to Notre Dame while eating our baguettes.

Walked to Notre Dame, where there was a long but quick moving line to get in. Lots of nice stained glass and very ornate decorations. It was really an in and out experience which didn’t take too long. Afterwards we went over to the Saint Chappelle which was another line, but a whole lot more worth it because you get out of a small stairwell and into this giant room surrounded by stained glass. It was really cool and beautiful, except for the construction going on the altar at the end of the room. Either way it was quite an experience. Pink and blue floors.

After that experience we walked to the Musee d’Orsay but it was closed (can’t remember the reason because it couldn’t have been that late). Anyhow, we walked around some more and found a supermarket to get some food. But the supermarket was weird and wouldn’t let us both go in at the same time so Mode went in and bought some water, fruit juice things, and a six pack of wine (yes, a six pack of wine, but these were small bottles). We went to a bridge nearby to drink the fruit juices, and then went to a park near the Eiffel Tower to start drinking the wine. After chilling there for a bit we went down closer to the Eiffel Tower and had more wine, and then it started raining. I think that night we managed to find a pretty good kebab place to eat dinner. Then just headed back to the hotel after that.

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