Day 25 – Paris

We got up early to get to the Paris Free Tour at Saint Michel square, which is apparently a big hang out spot. On the way we passed by the fruit shop and the bread shop again. That would make a good routine if we were staying there for longer. Started the free tour and went around seeing all sorts of sights that we would have missed if we didn’t take the tour, but at the same time this tour wasn’t as good as the one in London or Amsterdam because the guy spent more time cracking jokes and going on tangents than actually talking about the city. Not that I didn’t enjoy that, but I felt like a good tour would have an equal amount of both. So we saw the oldest bridge in Paris with strange heads, saw a bunch of palaces and heard about structures of different sorts. Obelisks are everywhere in Europe it seems. Saw some art installations here and there, most of which didn’t make that much sense. After the tour ended we walked to the Musee d’Orsay.

The Musee d’Orsay was set up really interestingly. Lots of natural light, and very open. You didn’t get anything of a claustrophobic stuffy museum sense in there. I also really enjoyed the plethora of statues all over the place. It was very well done and organized, but the only problem was there wasn’t a clear path of viewing. You would go in one room but then have to trek across a couple you’d already seen to get to another exhibit. Most museums are like this (with the exception of the Vatican so far) and that bothers me a bit, but whatever. I got a really cool picture of two people looking at a Van Gogh painting and they were wearing the same colors as the painting.

After the museum we went to go find another supermarket and get some bread, wine and cheese. Then we brought it to the Pont Neuf (something like that) which is a really really awesome bridge where people hang out and eat bread and cheese and wine. We stayed there for a long long time, but it was all so cool. We met a guy named Joe (short for Jonathan), and Mode made friends with one of the Indian guys selling beer on the bridge. We must have stayed there for something like 2 or 3 hours. Then we figured it was getting late and we headed back to the hotel for the final night.

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