Day 26 – Paris to Interlaken

Well to appease the masses, I will continue updating this journal. I have about 27 days to update now, 20 of which have completed outlines. There are three days which are not outlined in the middle of Rome, but hopefully I can remember them when the time comes.

In Paris, so long ago, we got up and packed and checked out of the hotel. We then took the public transportation to Gare de Lyon, the train station. We checked our bags in because we didn’t want to carry them around. Oddly enough, right outside the locker storage there was some dog shit on the ground, in the station… Very strange, and unsanitary, but whatever. We decided to go out for a stroll. Picked up some food at a close by supermarket, and mailed postcards out to people. The machine I was using to buy stamps was a bit French, and I say this meaning I tried to get rid of a lot of my change by putting small coins in, but because of poor planning I went over and it spit back a million tiny one cent change things at me. The machine obviously could tell what I was doing and decided to give me an even larger pocket of coins to deal with.

Anyhow, we walked to a Jardin. Walked in the sun, ate our food, developed the “Cheeks System” a bit more, a secret language that only we can understand. A lot of people around the garden were eating McDonalds, in fact, almost everyone was eating McDonalds, which was so weird. For the longest time we couldn’t find the mothership of the so-called-morsels, and then we saw it across the street. I don’t understand how people can stand that stuff.

Anyhow, headed back to the train station the long way. Walked around a hospital. Saw an amazing gorgeous girl riding on a bike straight towards us and we both become completely speechless as she passed and left forever never to be seen again. Happened in an instant, but oh wow.

As we were taking luggage out of the storage place, I noticed there were dog shit footsteps leading too and from the previously mentioned monument. We got on the train, switched trains in Bern, and finally got to Interlaken fairly late. We got off at the stop we thought we were supposed to get off at… but then realized it was the wrong stop. We made friends with two canadian girls who were also headed to our hostel, and started walking in a direction we thought it was. Asked for some directions from some people having dinner and a guy, who spoke very poor english, tried to direct us. We walked for a long ways along the river, and oddly enough found it. It was right there suddenly, and hurray! Soon afterwards we were sleeping.

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